Stainless Steel BedPans

Specifications KEY FEATURES Bathroom accessories, bed ridden patients, elderly WHAT’S IN THE BOX 1 Stainless steelBedPan

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The contour shape bed pan is a necessity for anyone who is experiencing difficulty getting out of bed. Bedpans can be a great way to increase comfort for patients who are bedridden or who have limited mobility. These devices aren't only for use in hospitals and nursing homes. Trying to move someone with limited mobility or an elderly individual to a toilet can be very difficult. By using a bedpan, caregivers can offer relief to the person they're caring for while also reducing the risk of discomfort or injury.Bedpan features smooth contoured comfortable edges to ensure comfort. The easy-to-use bedpan is convenience and durable. Smooth bedpan is a popular pick among men & women recovering from childbirth, surgery, procedures, etc. Available and provide comfort, convenience and fit standard commodes / toilets.

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